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Brett Sheerin

Who is Brett Sheerin and how did Maui True North came to be?



Brett Sheerin

Who is Brett Sheerin and how did Maui True North came to be?

"As far back as I can remember I wanted to be a surfer" - Brett Sheerin

I was born in West Orange, New Jersey and have lived there for the first 30 years of my life. Later on, in 2003, I moved to Hawaii.

Growing up, I didn't live in an area with many surfers. But despite that fact, I used to dream about surfing. Every Summer I've spent at the Jersey shore, I tried my best to convince my parents to buy me a surfboard.

Although they didn't know how serious I was at the time, one summer, my Dad finally rented a long board. 

He and my older brother unsuccessfully tried to surf, but when I took the board out myself - at the age of about 7 - I've quickly made friends with the waves and stood up on my own, without any help or instructions.

Needless to say, I was immediately hooked!

Started to boogie board and taught myself how to ride the waves


Surf in Maui.png

At 14, I got my first real surfboard and have been surfing every since. My ocean time was limited though, due to my location and the long, cold winters. 

Finally at the age of 31, I've decided to accept the invitation from a friend. He had moved to Oahu from New York City and I finally took the trip I always dreamed of: visiting Hawaii.

But the day I was supposed to fly home to New Jersey, I decided extended my trip for another week.

The biggest south swell in ten years hit the islands! I just couldn't say "no" to such an opportunity and got to surf the most beautiful, cleanest and bright green walls of water I had ever seen!

My skills were not quite ready for the big waves of Hawaii though. At the time, I could barely keep up with the wind, but gave it my all and experienced something amazing.

I remember looking up at the planes flying over my head from Honolulu. I was trying to figure out which one I was supposed to be on.

When I finally went back home to New Jersey, I immediately came to a decision: I got rid of all my stuff and moved back to Hawaii.

I've lived on the north shore of Oahu for the first five years, and surfed like there was no tomorrow!

It took me a while to successfully polish my skills, but after five short winters of surfing in the mecca of the surf world, I had finally decided to move to Maui.

Once the windiest island in the world became my home, I decided to take up a wind sport to supplement my surfing. 

Kitesurfing was the perfect match for my surfing!

Maui Kitesurfing.png

I fell in love with kiting in Maui from the very first try. But it was quite dangerous to learn how to kite surf by myself. 

After unsuccessfully attempting to learn everything on my own, I finally gave in and took a kite surfing lesson. It was the best money I've ever invested!

I was able to ride the waves when the weather was windy and just surf when the weather was calm!

I was so happy with how much I had learned, I decided to start teaching others and help them experience the same thrill as I did!

My journey began when I started working for a surfing school in Hawaii. I got to share the stoke of both water sports with everyone who wanted to learn or just try surfing and kiting to see what it's like.

I'm as passionate about teaching as I am about playing

Maui Surf and Kite Lessons.png

I've been living on Maui for over a decade and am proud to call the island my home. 

Maui True North was born out of pure passion. I love teaching others how to surf in Maui and help them experience the thrill of riding the ocean waves.

Being a Maui surf / kite instructor and a tour guide has always been an amazing experience for me, as well as for my students.

I invite you to take a lesson or a tour!

Whether you're a first timer or an experienced surfer, you'll get to have an amazing time surfing, kiteboarding or going on waterfall hikes or bike tours.

And if the waves are flat and the wind isn't up, I'll help you discover local hang out spots and find other fun things to do on the island (check out our concierge services).

Photography: Romi Burianova


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