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5 Good Habits of Maui Wave Riders


5 Good Habits of Maui Wave Riders

Are you curious about what Maui wave riders do to keep active? 

Surfing is the most fun you can have in Maui! The Pacific island is the perfect spot for you to hit the waves and have a ton of fun! But have you ever wondered how Maui wave riders can handle the effort? 

Experienced surfers have a knack for riding big waves. But they also have a series of healthy habits they need to maintain.

Surfing may look easy and fun from the shore. However, anyone who's had a surf lesson or two can definitely understand what it takes to become a good wave rider on Maui.

If you're curious about what good, healthy habits Maui wave riders must maintain, take a quick look at the list below.

Wave Riders Maui.png

1. Maui wave riders get plenty of sleep

The media often portrays surfers as the "work hard party harder" type of people. While saying that's not true, is totally unfair, you should also know that the best of the best Maui wave riders... sleep a lot!

Resting is an important habit for anyone who embraces effort throughout the day. It's important to get a good night sleep and plenty of rest in order to take care of your body and be able to handle a new surfing challenge every single day.

2. Diet is not part of a surfer's vocabulary on Maui

Everyone knows surfers are ripped and have the body of an athlete! But that doesn't happen with a very strict diet. 

Maui wave riders have the privilege to eat pretty much whatever they want, as long as it's healthy. Surfers need plenty of energy to be able to tackle those big waves. And a balanced diet, with plenty carbs, protein and healthy fats, is what keeps them in shape and ready to ride the waves.

3. Maui wave riders train a lot on dry land

Speaking of staying in shape, Maui wave riders need to train on dry land as well. How else will be able to stay on top on their boards? 

Surfing equals flexibility and strength. And you also need a lot of endurance training in order to keep up with the waves! So if you were curious to know how surfers manage to keep their balance for hours on their board, you now know that training on land is part of their routine.

4. Stepping out of your comfort zone is what makes you a good surfer

The best Maui wave riders are never afraid to try something new. Even if this means stepping out of their comfort zone!

What's the best way grow and become a better surfer? By stepping away from your safe level of comfort and learning how to tackle bigger and more challenging waves!

5. Maui wave riders are constantly learning how to improve their skills

Allowing yourself to try different things is a well known way to learn how to improve a skill. And even after years of experience, the best Maui wave riders never stop learning.


Maui Surf School - Beginner Tips To Learn How To Surf


Maui Surf School - Beginner Tips To Learn How To Surf

Looking for a Maui surf school for beginners? Everyone visiting the island should live the experience of hitting the waves of the Pacific ocean!

Learning how to surf, however, is not always as easy as learning how to ride a bike. While some people seem to be natural born surfers, others need a while to get acquainted with the surfboard. And that's why looking for a Maui surf school to book your first lessons is important!

But first, wouldn't you love to learn a few beginner tips about how to surf? Maui surf school lesson no.1: take a sneak peak at these few tips and tricks.

Surf School Maui.png

1. Book your first lessons with an experienced Maui surf school instructor

Learning how to surf is not rocket science, but it's definitely something you should learn from someone with experience.

When you're visiting Maui and are looking forward to hitting the waves for the first time ever, look for a qualified instructor who can help. There's no need to take dozens of expensive lessons from a fancy Maui surf school to learn how to be a pro. But booking a couple private surf lessons can definitely help!

2. Maui surf school tip n.2: use a large board with a soft top at first 

When you're a beginner surfer, it's best to start with a large board, with a soft top for your comfort.

You may be tempted to jump on a small board as soon as you can, but if you're not used to the "mechanics" of surfing, a big surfboard is the perfect tool for you get acquainted with the waves. 

3. Learn how to surf a beginner wave first

Do you know what every Maui surf school will teach you at first? How to surf a small wave for beginners!

Don't worry, you don't need to catch beginner waves for too long. As soon as you'll learn how to surf like a pro, you'll be able to read a surf forecast and catch those cool, big waves in no time.

4. Every Maui surf school on the island will have you spend time on dry land at first

Did you think your instructor will hand you the board and set you off to learn how to surf on your own? On the contrary!

It's important to take care of a few basic concepts first. And as much as you'd love to be in the water, you'll have to spend some time on the beach and learn a few techniques on dry land first. 

5. Pace yourself in the beginning to avoid possible injuries

Once you've done your stretching and have verified your leash, you'll still need to pace yourself, even in the water. You should always listen and follow your instructor in order to avoid any possible surf injuries. 

6. Get ready to paddle and fall in the water 

On dry land, your instructor has surely told you you'll need to paddle. But did they also anticipate how many times you'll fall in the water? It's all part of learning how to surf! As soon as you embrace the experience as a whole, you'll be ready to have the time of your life here, on Maui!


Maui Surf Forecast - Tips for Beginner Surfers

Maui Surf Forecast - Tips for Beginner Surfers

Knowing how to read a Maui surf forecast always comes in handy. Both beginners, as well as experienced surfers can greatly benefit from knowing how to find the right wave to ride!

Learning about how to predict the ideal wave to tackle can set you up for a wonderful surfing adventure!

Reading a Maui surf forecast might not be a problem for surfers with experience. But beginners, who've never surfed before, could find the wave weather forecast difficult to understand. 

If you're looking to get acquainted with your surf board and hit your very first waves, you should learn the basics of predicting the Maui surf forecast. Keep reading to learn the ABC's of surfing and find out what type of wave is suitable for you to learn, as a beginner surfer.

Maui Surf Weather.png

Maui surf forecast basics: learn how to describe a wave

Waves come in different sizes - Waves can either be "tall", or waves can be "small". Or waves can be the size of anything in between. When you're reading a Maui surf forecast, you should learn how to measure a wave in 'feet' and understand how to appreciate the distance between the trough (the low point of a wave) and the peak (the "lip"). 

Learn to appreciate the shape of a wave - The shape of a wave is also important. You can either have a hollow, tube shaped wave, which is the one that experienced surfers love! Or you can have a soft, spilling wave, which is ideal for anyone just learning how to surf

Basics of surface conditions - Your surface conditions can either be smooth or not. Ideally for all surfers, clean waves are the perfect ones to ride! But a Maui surf forecast can be unpredictable, so you may experience a bumpy wave ride every once in a while. 

Waves are also characterized by power - Yes, all ocean waves have power. If the Maui surf forecast for the day involves gentle breaking waves, then you should grab your board and start learning how to surf! However, if weather conditions predict heavy waves, beginners might have a difficult time holding on when they break near the shore. 

Every wave travels at a different speed and direction - Waves can either break left or right and the direction of a wave is predicted beforehand by the Maui surf forecast. Just like the speed. The time it takes for a wave to break, from the moment it starts to swell determines its speed. The longer you ride an unbroken wave, the more fun you'll have learning how to surf on Maui!

What's a suitable wave for beginner surfers on Maui

The ideal Maui surf forecast for beginners should predict a wave that's tall enough for a "newbie" to handle, breaks gently as you get close to the shore, spills softly as you maintain your balance and is clean enough to offer a great first experience for surfers. 

As you can probably imagine though, finding the perfect wave for a beginner is close to impossible. Weather variables can change very quickly, but having an experienced surfing instructor by your side should help you learn how to dominate the waves, even as a beginner surfer.