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Amputee Josh Bogle goes Tandem kiting with Brett Sheerin of Maui True North!

Josh Bogle was a professional snowboarder and mountain climber. Lost his lower legs and right hand plus most of his fingers on the left hand due to Staph infection and MERSA. He spent the first three years in a wheelchair then finally got the prosthetic legs and learned to walk on them two years ago. Started working with him and Eric Walls who is in the previous video on this blog. These guys are so excited to learn to kite! I learn so much from them! Took Josh without his legs in fear of losing them until he gets the proper straps for them so just carried him and took a ride! The wind was gusty on the inside so it took a minute to get up and going but once we were at the wind line we took off!  


5 Good Reasons To Take Surf Lessons on Maui


5 Good Reasons To Take Surf Lessons on Maui

Have you ever thought about taking surf lessons on Maui

Surfing is just as fun as it looks! But riding the waves on your own, for the first time, can be frustrating. Without someone by your side who can offer you some tips, it's easy to give up on a sport that's nothing but fun!

If you're unsure whether of not you should take a few surf lessons in Maui, keep reading. Although you don't need experience to grab a surf board and go hit the waves, taking a few private surf lessons first can be a great way to learn something new and have lots of fun on your vacation in Hawaii!

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1. Anyone can take surf lessons in Maui

Young teenagers and adults of ages are all welcomed to try out surfing on Maui! Although many believe that age can get in the way of trying something new, the affirmation couldn't be further from the truth. 

There's no age limit when it comes to learning how to surf. As long as you feel physically fit to take a ride on the island's waves, you're welcome to book a private Maui surf lesson

2. The waves on the island are perfect for beginner surfers

It's a well known fact that the island of Hawaii is one of the best places to learn how to surf. 

The waves roll slowly and aren't aggressive. As opposed to other locations where learning how to surf can be a tricky challenge, surfing in Maui can turn out to be an amazing experience for beginner surfers! The warm waters and easy waves make the perfect combination for anyone looking to surf for the first time ever.

3. Maui surf lessons make for a great way to exercise while on vacation 

If you're worried about your exercise routine on vacation, know that surf lessons on Maui make for a great way to keep active! 

Adrenaline and water sports fans can have the time of their lives! Riding the waves makes for a great and fun workout. Next time you plan a vacation on the island, consider taking a few surf lessons in Maui!

4. Surfing lessons in Maui teach you more than just how to ride a couple waves

Aside from being an awesome way to stay active on vacation, surf lessons in Maui can teach you more than just how to ride the waves.

Enhancing strength and balance are definitely part of the surf lesson package. But spending time with your board on the water will teach you how to become friends with the ocean and become more patient, as you wait for your waves. 

5. 5th. reason to take surf lessons on Maui: it's fun!

As long as you're on vacation on the island, you might as well have some amazing fun!

Private surf lessons on Maui make for the perfect way to enjoy an active holiday! Water sport lovers and adrenaline junkies now have the perfect reason to learn how to surf. 

Once you leave your worries at the ocean shore, you can start having fun while learning how to surf on Maui.