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Maui Bike Tours

Our Maui Bike Tours

When you think about Hawaii, sandy beaches and the ocean come to mind. But have you ever thought about booking Maui bike tours to have some fun? 

At Maui True North, we're prepared to offer you a vacation you're not going to forget! And a Maui bike tour is exactly what you need.

Test your endurance by riding to 10,000 feet. Brett is always ready to guide you on the famous skyline trail on top of the Haleakala crater.

Biking Tours in Maui

We offer Maui bike tours using top of the line bike rentals

Ask us about bike and gear rentals in Maui!

When you're about to ride on world class terrain trails, you're going to need some top notch gear to stay on track. At Maui True North, we're serious about offering our clients the best experience possible. 

Get ready to embark on an exciting journey. Our Maui bike tours are designed to be remembered. And quality equipment is one of our secret weapons.

Biking in Maui

Book your Maui bike tours and experience the perfect rush of adrenaline

Call us today and book your Maui bike tours!

Allow Brett, our passionate guide, to literally take you to new heights. We always take our Maui bike tours seriously and we guarantee you'll experience a rush you're not going to forget.

If you're looking to feel a real boost of adrenaline, get ready to bike from sea level to 10,000 feet! We're offering you the chance to rent our top notch Maui biking gear and the opportunity to experience something amazing!

Contact us today for more details and book your Maui bike tour! 

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To get the most out of your first Maui bike tour experience, follow these few tips

1. Pay attention to the weather, especially during the winter months. Although the weather in Hawaii is predominantly warm, during winter months (from November to April), the temperature tends to become quite cold. Take the necessary precautions and aim to stay warm during your Maui bike tour.

2. Always wear your helmet as a safety precaution. We offer top of the line, quality biking gear you can rent. But in order to always be on the safe side, bring your own biking helmet, if you own one. You'll be sure it fits you perfectly and will keep you safe during the ride.

3. Try not to overestimate your fitness level. Riding to the top of the Haleakala crater is a true test of endurance. Make sure to take enough breaks during your Maui biking tour and don't forget to stay hydrated during your biking adventure.

4. Pack a set of dry clothes for when you return to your car. It's always best to be rather safe than sorry. If the weather suddenly starts to play tricks, or if you get your clothes dirty after riding you bike through the dirt, having an extra set of dry clothes is a good idea.

5. Live the moment, but take lots of photos as well. Each and every one of our Maui bike tours is special. So don't forget to enjoy the ride and create new memories to take with you when you leave! 

Call or email us today for more details and book your Maui bike tour!