Maui Kite Lessons


Our Private Maui Kite Lessons

Safety First! Short lines on the beach to learn the basics before going out into the ocean. 

Safety First! Short lines on the beach to learn the basics before going out into the ocean. 

All gear is provided. Bring bathing suit, environmentally safe sunscreen. Sunscreens without oxybenzone and  octinoxate. Those two ingredients are scientifically proven to damage reefs. 


Introduction Maui kite Lessons

Get a taste of kiting in Maui with an exclusive introductory lesson!

In order to kick off your kiting journey in Hawaii, Maui True North offers you a complete kiteboarding experience: we start on the beach and get ready to hit the waters later.

Starting at: $255 / 3 hours

Maui True North is proud to use only the finest quality kitesurfing equipment in the world made by Cabrinha. When you're ready to pick up your own equipment, let your instructor know. We'll get you the hook up!



Private kitesurfing lessons for two

Would you like to learn hot to kite in Maui with a partner? 

Our instructor, Brett Sheerin, offers semi-private lessons for two. Team up with your partner or kite-buddy and learn how to work as a team.

Going through the learning process with someone close by you side will render the experience even more special.

Starting at: $382.50 /3 Hours

Share the lesson! 

Share the lesson! 

Advanced Kiting Lessons Maui

Advanced kite lessons and tours in Maui

If you'd like to learn the ins and outs of Maui kiteboarding, try out our advanced kite lessons and tours on the island.

At Maui True North, we offer you the best kiting experience, while also making sure you're safe as you ride the waves.

Don't hesitate to ask us for additional information on our custom packages designed for our advanced riders.

maui Tandem kiting lessons

Experience the thrill of kiteboarding in Maui!

Everyone can book a tandem kiting lesson and learn how to enjoy the ride. You don't need to be a skilled professional to learn the basics of kiting  in pairs on the island of Maui.

Our lessons include a short briefing on the beach, followed by 30 minutes on the water and some hang time. If weather conditions allow it, Brett will teach you how to ride the waves!  

Starting at: $150.00

Every fan of water sports should take on Maui kite lessons! And Brett Sheerin is the right guy to trust with your first kite encounter.


At Maui True North, we do our best to teach you everything about one of the world's fastest growing sports. 

With years of experience in riding waves and teaching at the world's best kite boarding beaches, you'll be able to learn how to kiteboard in no time.

We offer Maui kite lessons to everyone who's eager to learn

If you're looking to learn how to kitesurf in Maui, Brett is here to make sure you'll learn at your own pace.

Anyone can take Maui kite lessons and experience the fun. From people without any previous experience, to professional boarders who know how to become one with the waves.

As long as you stay safe and are patient to learn the right techniques, you'll be able to experience what it's like to go kiteboarding in Maui, like a pro.


Book your private kite lessons in Maui and learn how to become friends with the ocean

With out private Maui kite lessons, you'll have everything you need to render your vacation unique.

Our experienced instructor, Brett, is not only passionate about his work, but always gives his 110%. Book your private kiteboarding lessons in Maui today, and you'll be on your way to create new, exciting memories.

Learn how to jump, ride a strapless surfboard or do some awesome kite loops on your own. With our advanced Maui kite lessons, you'll have an expert riding along to ensure your safety and guarantee you'll have the time of your life.