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Private Maui surfing lessons - Serving all areas of maui

Surf lessons with Maui True North are always an unforgettable experience. All of our surf instructors are pure watermen with a vast knowledge of Hawaii's ocean and surf conditions. The morning of, we make sure to locate the best waves for your lesson; what we are looking for are fun, consistent, uncrowded waves so we can have an unforgettable day surfing! 

Our day begins on shore with proper instruction and fundamentals of paddling, surfing in general, and how to read the ocean. If you're looking to book one of the most exclusive and private surf lessons on Maui then you've come to the right place. 

Book your private 1 on 1 surfing lesson today. You'll have your own, private instructor to guide you and you'll learn how to ride waves in no time!

All gear is provided. Bring bathing suit, environmentally safe sunscreen. Sunscreens without oxybenzone and  octinoxate. Those two ingredients are scientifically proven to damage reefs. Zinc based sunscreen is great!

Starting at: $200 / 2 hours FREE GOPRO PICS AND VIDS WITH LESSON! 

Brett goes above and beyond! He is very flexible, listens to what you need and adapts his teaching style to you. He takes his time, communicates extremely well and encourages you until you get it! I could tell that his experience had made him a pro, he’s the best!
— Seth Perler


Private surf lessons for two

If you're on vacation with that someone special and are looking for a unique experience, private surfing lessons for two are the perfect way to enjoy the island at its best! 

Our passionate Maui surf instructors are here to teach you how to surf. Both you and your partner will be able to take advantage of private surfing lessons and fondly remember your trip for years to come.

Starting at: $250 / 2 hours

Ask about Maui True North hats and shirts! 

Ask about Maui True North hats and shirts! 

Maui Private Group Surf Lessons



Private Maui surf lessons for groups

Are you looking for activities to make your family trip unique?

Try our Maui surf lessons for groups!

Maui True North can offer you the highlight of your trip. If you're vacationing with your friends or family in Maui, give our group surfing lessons a try. They're fun for everyone!

Starting at: $100

Are you eager to take some Maui surf lessons? You've definitely found to the perfect place to start. 

Brett, our passionate surfing and kite board instructor, is the right guy who can teach you how to surf. If catching a wave is something you'd like to check off your bucket list, come see how easy and exciting it is to become friends with the ocean!

Maui Surf Lessons

If you're looking to have a great time and experience a boost of adrenaline, learning how to ride the waves in Maui is the perfect way to have some fun. 

We offer Maui surf lessons to kids and adults of all ages

Everyone visiting the island can learn how to surf.
Here, at Maui True North, we offer surf lessons for kids and adults of all ages. 

You don't even need to have any experience to be able to grab a surf board and hit the ocean waves. Most of our clients have never, ever surfed before and it is our pleasure to turn their first experience into a wonderful memory.

All children ages 5 and up are welcome to learn how surf in Maui.
Special needs folks are welcomed to surf with us as well. We're always happy to offer customized lessons and we're able to adapt our teaching style to everyone's individual needs.

Book your private Maui surfing lessons and become one with the ocean

Our private surfing lessons in Maui are aimed to offer you the best experience. 

At Maui True North, we provide everything you need to render your first encounter with the ocean unique. All you need to grab is your bathing suit and your will to have some great fun!

All our Maui surf lessons are private. If you were worried you'd have to share your instructor, with a bunch of strangers, worry not! You can rest assured your first surfing lesson in Maui is offered exclusively to you and your friends or family.