Maui Waterfall Hikes and Tours


Maui Waterfall Tours

Are you excited to go on a Maui waterfall tour? 

If you've never experienced the rush of sitting under natural running water or swim in the pools of Maui's rain forest, you're in for an exciting treat!

At Maui True North, we offer you the exclusive experience of booking Maui waterfall tours and experience a rush you're not going to forget!

Maui Waterfall Hikes

We offer Maui waterfall tours for everyone looking for an adventure on our island

Are you on vacation, looking to refresh both your mind and your body? 

You've came to the perfect place! At Maui True North, we're excited to offer you the vacation of your lifetime! 

Cool down under Maui's waterfalls and discover your own, personal oasis. When you're visiting the island of Maui, everything is possible. Even chilling on the island's natural swimming pools. 

Maui Waterfall Tours and Hikes

Book your Maui waterfall tours and get ready for an exciting experience

Call us today and book your exclusive Maui waterfall tour!

Experience what it's like to stand under an actual waterfall and chill out with your friends and family. Render your vacation special with our exclusive waterfall tours in Maui and create unique memories that will last for a lifetime.

Book your Maui waterfall tour today and spend some time away from the crowded touristy areas in Maui. Brett, your own personal waterfall guide, will make sure you'll have the time of your life. 

Get the most out of your Maui waterfall tour experience by following our few tips and tricks to render you vacation unique

1. Check the weather before you go hiking in Maui. It's always best to check the weather conditions before you go hiking. When you book your Maui waterfall tours, make sure the forecast is on your side. And just to be on the safe side, don't forget to be prepared for unexpected changes that may concern the weather during your trip.

2. Pay attention to where you step. Waterfalls are amazing places to visit, but be careful when it comes to slippery rocks! Wet rocks are usually slippery as it is, but dry rocks can be slippery as well. Make sure you're careful and watch your step.

3. Trust your guide and try not to rely on technology. Waterfalls are usually located in places where cell phones or other electronic devices don't exactly function at their full capacity. Brett, however, will make sure you're on the right track and he'll always keep you safe.

4. Stay hydrated during your Maui waterfall hike. Although your final destination is a natural oasis, drinking enough water during a hike is always a good idea. Take plenty liquids with you for the road and take breaks every now and then to keep hydrated. 

5. Experience your adventure and take plenty of pictures. But be careful! Slippery rocks can be dangerous. Make sure you're in a safe location to take your pictures and don't forget to live the experience to the fullest as well. On our Maui waterfall tours, we make sure your clients have the best times of their lives!