Coaching with Ben Wilson during his Kite weeks in Fiji, Namotu Island

Just returned to Maui after a three week coaching job with the wave riding legend and four father of kite surfing Ben Wilson! The spot is called Namotu island which is what one would picture when thinking of being stranded on a deserted island except this island has a luxury resort, insanely perfect scenery, perfect surf, and the best wind you can imagine! Add in all the toys a person can have to access all these spots and play till you drop and you have a water sport paradise like no other! I was honored to be part of a team providing coaching for the guests who come from all over the world to attend these kite retreats on Namotu! As coaches we also get out share of the golden nuggets and with world renown photog Stu Gibson capturing our highlight reel that will last a lifetime you can say this is a dream “job” :) I’m booked again to go next year for another three weeks and I can not wait! Here are some highlights from this pas trip in August 2019! Click image and enjoy the slide show!