Kite Lessons on Maui

Learn how to kite on Maui! Anyone can take kite lessons and experience the fun. From people without any previous experience to professional boarders who know how to become one with the waves. Our packages range from private lessons for beginners, tandem rides, and advanced classes. Ask about our foil lessons!


Safety First

We are proudly sponsored by Cabrinha Kites, using the highest quality kite gear in the industry. We always start with short lines on the beach to learn safety and self-rescue techniques before going out into the ocean.


All gear is provided. Bring a bathing suit and sun protection (reef safe sunscreen without oxybenzone and octinoxate). Free photo and video analysis available. Ask about our GoPro photography and video options!




Private Lesson

These one-on-one lessons are the best way to get straight into kiting. Introductory kite lesson focuses on set up, break down of gear, safety, basic flying techniques, body dragging in the water, and the rare few may get their first ride! We start together at the beach and communicate via two way radio head sets when you’re in the ocean.

Starting at $270 (3 hours)




Team up with a partner and learn together! This is ideal for two people who plan to kite together in the future. Learn the basics of how set up and break down the gear, how to launch and land each other, and take turns while watching each other work through the levels! Cheer and laugh while your partner takes a turn! Laughter is key to learning! 

Semi private lessons are a 1:2 ratio. One instructor for two students. The perfect honeymoon activity for the adventurous couple! 

Starting at $405.00 (3 Hours)



Advanced kite lessons and tours

For the intermediate to advanced rider we provide the latest Cabrinha kite gear, safety, guidance, and convenience! Enjoy having an instructor close by to offer guidance through the surf, demonstrate advanced moves, retrieve your board, and keep you safe all while using our high tech BBtalkin two way radios!

Learn to jump, spin, or kite surf the waves! You’ll spend more time riding and less time body dragging to your board!





Tandem kiting is for the anyone who would like to experience the thrill of a kiting without doing the work. Ideal for those who don’t have the time, patience, or just aren’t sure if this sport is for them. After a brief instruction on the beach we can take you out on the water for a 30 minute ride of your life! Very few people in the world offer this activity. Please note the weight limit of 140lbs. (63kg). Kids and adults are welcome! Ask about adaptive tandem kiting for those with physical limitations.

Starting at $150.00 (30 mins riding time)


Adaptive Tandem Kiting Session


Your Instructor


| Brett Sheerin

Brett has been living in Hawaii for over 15 years. As a Cabrinha Ambassador Brett has kited and surfed around the world with industry professionals like Susi Mai, Pete Cabrinha, Reo Stevens, Ben Wilson and Jesse Richman. Brett is passionate about teaching and also coaches the team at Adaptive Maui!



Our lessons typically take place at Kanaha Beach Park. Meet us in the big parking lot by kite beach.


What our clients say

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“After spending years of competitive windsurfing, ski racing, playing polo and countless injuries especially my neck, I suffered from vertigo and neck pain for years. Pete and Tahiti and I have been surfing as our family sport (I’m not the best at it but probably having the most fun) which I felt my neck was getting stronger! I felt I could finally give kiting a try. So for all those out there that wondered why doesn’t Lisa kite, now you know. They say don’t have your spouse (Pete Cabrinha) teach you a new sport, so I had the best instructor with Brett! Had so many laughs as you can hear on the video! Thank you so much Brett!” - Lisa Cabrinha (Pete Cabrinha’s wife)

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“Brett from Maui True North is seriously the best. I was nervous the first couple times but after that I knew I had no reason to be. Brett made sure all the gear was set perfectly and fit just right. Talked me through the set up, entry, the ride, the jumps and 360 airs, the landings and even more. I havn't had this much fun in the water in a long time. So safe and so much laughter. I want to kite every day. He really is the best, thank you so much Brett, I will highly recommend you to anyone and everyone!” - Stephanie, on Facebook


Teaching Lisa & Tahiti Cabrinha


Experience the fun of kitesurfing, smiles for miles guaranteed!

Experience the fun of kitesurfing, smiles for miles guaranteed!

Learn how to jump like your Instructor Brett!

Learn how to jump like your Instructor Brett!



Our Partners

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