Marshall Islands kite/surf trip

Reo Stevens Marshall Islands kite adveture was a dream trip! I was honored to work along side the two most influencial wave kiters of all time, Reo Stevens and Keahi De Aboitz along with Even Netch. We were hosted at Beran Island by the legendary surf charter captain Martin Daly. The island is a journey to get to making it feel like your on another planet with just you and the crew! We never kited or surfed around anyone but ourselves! Checkout the link below to get info about Beran Island and the resort! Your Hos and legend surf Explorer Martin Daly is the owner and operator!




Recent Trip to Namotu Island Fiji with legend Ben Wilson and crew

Just finished two weeks of teaching kitesurfing and surfing on the tiny island of Namotu in Fiji with legendary kite surfing wave rider Ben Wilson! Ben plays host to "Ben Wilson kite weeks" for five weeks a year for anyone to come and hone their skills in kiting, surfing, or just enjoying the other activities or non activities the island has to offer. The most famous surf spot in this location was called "Cloudbreak" it's a left hand breaking wave that is known for it's shallow reef which makes the wave throw and barrel across the reef! The wave is great from two feet to fifty feet! There are several other world class surf spots all of which require a boat ride out. The drivers take you there and wait till you are finished to take you back in. When the wind is up the kiting is world class! We kited right off the island to the outer reefs kiting a sport called "Namotu lefts" which is the outer reef we can easily see while having breakfast and lunch each day. We scored some amazing wave riding sunset sessions out there and when there wasn't wind we scored sunset surf sessions at "Wilkes" which is a right hand break just across the channel from the left. The water clarity is as clear as it gets! You see right through the waves down to the reef! The feeling of being so far out in the ocean and watching the sun come up with no one around but your crew is a spiritual experience in itself but to be out in such dream like conditions as well just blew my mind! Maui is hard to beat and Fiji was over the top! 




Amputee Josh Bogle goes Tandem kiting with Brett Sheerin of Maui True North!

Josh Bogle was a professional snowboarder and mountain climber. Lost his lower legs and right hand plus most of his fingers on the left hand due to Staph infection and MERSA. He spent the first three years in a wheelchair then finally got the prosthetic legs and learned to walk on them two years ago. Started working with him and Eric Walls who is in the previous video on this blog. These guys are so excited to learn to kite! I learn so much from them! Took Josh without his legs in fear of losing them until he gets the proper straps for them so just carried him and took a ride! The wind was gusty on the inside so it took a minute to get up and going but once we were at the wind line we took off!  



Adaptive needs kiting and surfing on Maui is taking off!

I got together with my friend Sarah Foley (featured in the adaptive needs tandem kite video with me on the kiting page) and another friend with experience with foundations and helping others. We are putting together a foundation to get people with adaptive needs into the water and enjoying the ocean! I started teaching two of them kiting surfing and we are working on getting special gear from a French adaptive needs kiter who has designed a special seat attached to a big board allowing him to kitesurf! The folks are so excited to get the help so feel free to e-mail if you'd like to help or just keep watching out for content I'll be posting on here, Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube! 


Kite Beach on Maui - The Do's and Don'ts


Kite Beach on Maui - The Do's and Don'ts

When you're ready to try out kitesurfing for the first time, you'll probably search for the best kite beach on Maui. But finding a great spot to fly your kite to new heights is just the first step into few hours of fun!

Before you're ready to launch and catch the waves of the Pacific ocean, you'll need to learn how to properly fly your kite and hold it aloft.

Once you find a nice kite beach on Maui, with plenty space for you and your buddies, don't forget about these few additional kitesurfing tips that might come in handy. 

Maui Kitesurf Beach.png

1. Find a kite beach on Maui and practice recreational flying on dry land first

There's nothing more exciting than kitesurfing "for real". But before you venture out into the ocean, you'll have to be patient and practice flying your kite on dry land at first. 

Learning how to fly a kite and keep it aloft is not a skill you can learn at the snap of a finger. But with enough patience and perseverance, you eventually learn how to control your kite and you'l be ready to hit the waves in no time!

2. Don't venture out on a kite beach on Maui all by yourself

Whether you're a beginner surfer or an experienced kitesurfing fanatic, it's always best to ride the waves with your buddies by your side. 

Safety is the number one reason why you should avoid venturing out by yourself. But you'd also need someone to rely on in case you need some help with launching and landing your kite. When you have a good "buddy system" in place, kitesurfing on Maui will be even more fun!

3. Stay close to the shore where fellow kitesurfers can easily see you

Avoid to kitesurf too far away from the shore. Although staying too close to the kite beach on Maui isn't recommended either, it's best not to venture out too far into the deep blue ocean.

Make sure you keep a safe distance from the shore, but aim to stay close enough so you can safely return in case of a mishap.

4. Avoid visiting your favorite kite beach on Maui in bad weather conditions

Windy days are perfect for surfers to try and fly their kites! But too much wind can actually make things worse. 

If you're not sure the weather conditions are favorable enough for you to try out kitesurfing, you'll be better off spending your day doing a different activity. Biking or exploring some of Maui's hiking trails, for instance, make for fun and interesting alternatives! 

5. Always put your safety and the one of your buddies' first

The chances of your kite getting tangled in power lines on a kite beach on Maui are slim. But do you know how to react in case you collide with a fellow surfer's kite? 

It's important to carefully go over the safety rules with your instructor. Make sure you take note on how to stay safe and remember - when two kites get tangled in the water, just let go of your bar and release your gear safety. 


5 Good Habits of Maui Wave Riders


5 Good Habits of Maui Wave Riders

Are you curious about what Maui wave riders do to keep active? 

Surfing is the most fun you can have in Maui! The Pacific island is the perfect spot for you to hit the waves and have a ton of fun! But have you ever wondered how Maui wave riders can handle the effort? 

Experienced surfers have a knack for riding big waves. But they also have a series of healthy habits they need to maintain.

Surfing may look easy and fun from the shore. However, anyone who's had a surf lesson or two can definitely understand what it takes to become a good wave rider on Maui.

If you're curious about what good, healthy habits Maui wave riders must maintain, take a quick look at the list below.

Wave Riders Maui.png

1. Maui wave riders get plenty of sleep

The media often portrays surfers as the "work hard party harder" type of people. While saying that's not true, is totally unfair, you should also know that the best of the best Maui wave riders... sleep a lot!

Resting is an important habit for anyone who embraces effort throughout the day. It's important to get a good night sleep and plenty of rest in order to take care of your body and be able to handle a new surfing challenge every single day.

2. Diet is not part of a surfer's vocabulary on Maui

Everyone knows surfers are ripped and have the body of an athlete! But that doesn't happen with a very strict diet. 

Maui wave riders have the privilege to eat pretty much whatever they want, as long as it's healthy. Surfers need plenty of energy to be able to tackle those big waves. And a balanced diet, with plenty carbs, protein and healthy fats, is what keeps them in shape and ready to ride the waves.

3. Maui wave riders train a lot on dry land

Speaking of staying in shape, Maui wave riders need to train on dry land as well. How else will be able to stay on top on their boards? 

Surfing equals flexibility and strength. And you also need a lot of endurance training in order to keep up with the waves! So if you were curious to know how surfers manage to keep their balance for hours on their board, you now know that training on land is part of their routine.

4. Stepping out of your comfort zone is what makes you a good surfer

The best Maui wave riders are never afraid to try something new. Even if this means stepping out of their comfort zone!

What's the best way grow and become a better surfer? By stepping away from your safe level of comfort and learning how to tackle bigger and more challenging waves!

5. Maui wave riders are constantly learning how to improve their skills

Allowing yourself to try different things is a well known way to learn how to improve a skill. And even after years of experience, the best Maui wave riders never stop learning.


Reasons To Follow a Maui Surf Blog

Reasons To Follow a Maui Surf Blog

Why should you follow a Maui surf blog? 

Bookmarking a Maui surf blog or "liking" one on Facebook can be more helpful than you think. People follow various blogs for a multitude of reasons. But if you're passionate about surfing and kiteboarding, then you should definitely consider becoming a fan of a surf blog on Maui!

Blogging has become quite a trend about a decade ago. But if blogging was just "cool" in the beginning, following an online journal today can be downright useful. 

If you were wondering why should you follow a Maui surf blog, here are a few reasons that might convince you to start.

Surfing Blog Maui.png

1. An updated Maui surf blog will keep in you the loop with the latest surf trends

Are you interested in knowing what's new in the world of surfing? Then following a Maui surf blog could be a good idea. What better way to stay in the loop with the latest trends than by following a website that's constantly updated on the niche you find interesting!

A surfing blog on Maui should be designed to inform and update passionate surfers on the topics of their interest. So make sure you follow the blogs you find most interesting and stay updated with the latest news in the industry.

2. Surf blogs on Maui can offer useful tips and tricks related to surfing or kiteboarding

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced surfer, you should definitely find useful information on a Maui surf blog! 

Beginner surfers can learn about what it takes to get acquainted with waves. From reasons you should consider booking private surf lessons, to tips and tricks to hit the waves like a pro. And speaking of professional surfers, they can benefit from reading Maui surf blogs as well. How else would they stay updated and learn even more tricks to perfect their surfing technique? 

3. By following your favorite Maui surf blog, you could learn a lot from someone who knows the surf industry by heart

Following a Maui surf blog means staying up to date with the latest news on surfing and learning new tricks directly from the "source". Who else can offer the most accurate tips on surfing than someone who makes friends with ocean on a daily basis? 

Amateur or beginner surfers can learn a lot from someone who surfs for a living. If you're looking to learn more about surfing or kiteboarding, make sure you read the best Maui surf blogs on a regular basis.

4. Following Maui surf blogs means you'll have access to exclusive tips, offers and discounts

Sure, staying up to date with the latest news on surfing or learning tips and tricks from someone who surfs for a living sounds great! But the ultimate advantage of following a Maui surf blog is having access to exclusive tips, discounts and offers.

Maui surf companies that care about their reputation typically share these things with their fans first. Although there are many other reasons to follow your favorite surf blogs on Maui, this one definitely makes it worthwhile. 

Maui Surf School - Beginner Tips To Learn How To Surf


Maui Surf School - Beginner Tips To Learn How To Surf

Looking for a Maui surf school for beginners? Everyone visiting the island should live the experience of hitting the waves of the Pacific ocean!

Learning how to surf, however, is not always as easy as learning how to ride a bike. While some people seem to be natural born surfers, others need a while to get acquainted with the surfboard. And that's why looking for a Maui surf school to book your first lessons is important!

But first, wouldn't you love to learn a few beginner tips about how to surf? Maui surf school lesson no.1: take a sneak peak at these few tips and tricks.

Surf School Maui.png

1. Book your first lessons with an experienced Maui surf school instructor

Learning how to surf is not rocket science, but it's definitely something you should learn from someone with experience.

When you're visiting Maui and are looking forward to hitting the waves for the first time ever, look for a qualified instructor who can help. There's no need to take dozens of expensive lessons from a fancy Maui surf school to learn how to be a pro. But booking a couple private surf lessons can definitely help!

2. Maui surf school tip n.2: use a large board with a soft top at first 

When you're a beginner surfer, it's best to start with a large board, with a soft top for your comfort.

You may be tempted to jump on a small board as soon as you can, but if you're not used to the "mechanics" of surfing, a big surfboard is the perfect tool for you get acquainted with the waves. 

3. Learn how to surf a beginner wave first

Do you know what every Maui surf school will teach you at first? How to surf a small wave for beginners!

Don't worry, you don't need to catch beginner waves for too long. As soon as you'll learn how to surf like a pro, you'll be able to read a surf forecast and catch those cool, big waves in no time.

4. Every Maui surf school on the island will have you spend time on dry land at first

Did you think your instructor will hand you the board and set you off to learn how to surf on your own? On the contrary!

It's important to take care of a few basic concepts first. And as much as you'd love to be in the water, you'll have to spend some time on the beach and learn a few techniques on dry land first. 

5. Pace yourself in the beginning to avoid possible injuries

Once you've done your stretching and have verified your leash, you'll still need to pace yourself, even in the water. You should always listen and follow your instructor in order to avoid any possible surf injuries. 

6. Get ready to paddle and fall in the water 

On dry land, your instructor has surely told you you'll need to paddle. But did they also anticipate how many times you'll fall in the water? It's all part of learning how to surf! As soon as you embrace the experience as a whole, you'll be ready to have the time of your life here, on Maui!


Essential Tips For The Best Hikes in Maui


Essential Tips For The Best Hikes in Maui

Are you looking for a guide for the best hikes in Maui?

When you're spending your vacation on the island, there are myriad fun activities to look forward to. From riding the waves of the Pacific ocean, to biking or living an adventure on one of the best hikes on Maui. 

Hiking can turn out to be a wonderful and one of a kind experience. The island is well known for its spectacular trails and scenery and there are plenty destinations you can explore as a tourist. As long as you know what to pack and wear on a hike, you should have no trouble hitting the trails in search for an adventure. 

So what's the best way to prepare for the best hikes on Maui? Here's a short list of essential tips that should come in handy.


1. Consult with a guide and choose the best hikes on Maui that fit your fitness level

If this is your first time going on a hike, have a chat with an experienced hiking guide first. Decide together on what are the best hikes on Maui that would be a good fit and get ready to experience a true adventure on the island!

For beginners, shorter hikes that you can complete in a few hours are ideal. If you have never been on a hiking adventure before, its's always best to take things slow at first. 

Consult with your guide and pick a trail that can be done in less than a day. This way you won't have to worry about packing a tent or risk to be out of breath on one of the best hikes on Maui. 

2. Wear the appropriate clothing and shoes while going hiking on Maui

The sunny and warm weather on Maui might tempt you to dress up like you would for the beach. But a hike is not exactly the same as a walk in a park.

Make sure you avoid any cotton clothes or socks. Even the best hikes on Maui can get really intense, the last thing you need is for your clothes to stay wet. 

Wear appropriate hiking shoes as well and avoid flip flops or sandals at all costs. Hiking trails can sometimes be slippery and you'll need all the safety measures and foot support your can get. 

3. Pack light while exploring the best hikes in Maui

If you chose a trail you can do in few hours or a day, there's really no need to pack a lot of supplies. 

Food and water - Keeping your energy level up is important and staying hydrated is definitely a must!

First aid kit - You never know what can happen even on the best hikes on Maui, so make sure you come prepared.

Sunscreen and a camera - You might think sunscreen is not necessarily a must, but Maui is well known for being a very sunny place in Hawaii. And make sure you bring your camera along as well. You won't want to miss documenting the best hikes on Maui!


Maui Surf Forecast - Tips for Beginner Surfers

Maui Surf Forecast - Tips for Beginner Surfers

Knowing how to read a Maui surf forecast always comes in handy. Both beginners, as well as experienced surfers can greatly benefit from knowing how to find the right wave to ride!

Learning about how to predict the ideal wave to tackle can set you up for a wonderful surfing adventure!

Reading a Maui surf forecast might not be a problem for surfers with experience. But beginners, who've never surfed before, could find the wave weather forecast difficult to understand. 

If you're looking to get acquainted with your surf board and hit your very first waves, you should learn the basics of predicting the Maui surf forecast. Keep reading to learn the ABC's of surfing and find out what type of wave is suitable for you to learn, as a beginner surfer.

Maui Surf Weather.png

Maui surf forecast basics: learn how to describe a wave

Waves come in different sizes - Waves can either be "tall", or waves can be "small". Or waves can be the size of anything in between. When you're reading a Maui surf forecast, you should learn how to measure a wave in 'feet' and understand how to appreciate the distance between the trough (the low point of a wave) and the peak (the "lip"). 

Learn to appreciate the shape of a wave - The shape of a wave is also important. You can either have a hollow, tube shaped wave, which is the one that experienced surfers love! Or you can have a soft, spilling wave, which is ideal for anyone just learning how to surf

Basics of surface conditions - Your surface conditions can either be smooth or not. Ideally for all surfers, clean waves are the perfect ones to ride! But a Maui surf forecast can be unpredictable, so you may experience a bumpy wave ride every once in a while. 

Waves are also characterized by power - Yes, all ocean waves have power. If the Maui surf forecast for the day involves gentle breaking waves, then you should grab your board and start learning how to surf! However, if weather conditions predict heavy waves, beginners might have a difficult time holding on when they break near the shore. 

Every wave travels at a different speed and direction - Waves can either break left or right and the direction of a wave is predicted beforehand by the Maui surf forecast. Just like the speed. The time it takes for a wave to break, from the moment it starts to swell determines its speed. The longer you ride an unbroken wave, the more fun you'll have learning how to surf on Maui!

What's a suitable wave for beginner surfers on Maui

The ideal Maui surf forecast for beginners should predict a wave that's tall enough for a "newbie" to handle, breaks gently as you get close to the shore, spills softly as you maintain your balance and is clean enough to offer a great first experience for surfers. 

As you can probably imagine though, finding the perfect wave for a beginner is close to impossible. Weather variables can change very quickly, but having an experienced surfing instructor by your side should help you learn how to dominate the waves, even as a beginner surfer.

Maui Waterfalls - 9 Essential Items To Bring on Your Trip


Maui Waterfalls - 9 Essential Items To Bring on Your Trip

Planning to visit one or more Maui waterfalls

There's nothing more relaxing than bathing in Maui's natural swimming pools after a fun and exciting hike!

But how do you prepare for a waterfall hike? What should you bring along on your few hour trip, even if you have an experienced guide to take care of the essentials?

Exploring Maui waterfalls while you're on vacation can turn into a wonderful adventure. So make sure you bring along these few important items in order to enjoy a safe trip and create a fun memory!

Maui Waterfalls Hike.png

1. A pair of sturdy hiking boots are essential when visiting Maui waterfalls

Wearing comfortable clothes on hike is a must. But it's also very important to mention that flip-flops or sandals are not the appropriate footwear to choose! Make sure you have a pair of quality hiking boots with good ankle support and a sturdy sole. 

2. Bring plenty of water and food on your Maui waterfall hike

There's no need to hike for days to reach the Maui waterfalls, but it's essential to bring enough food and water to replenish your energy every once in a while.

3. A first aid kit might come in handy if case something happens on your way to one of Maui's waterfalls

Insect bites, ankle twists or scratching yourself with a branch are just a few examples of what might happen along the way. Have a small first aid kit on you at all times, in case you might need it on your hiking adventure. 

4. Sunscreen and sunglasses on a Maui waterfall hike are a must

You might be going on a hike through the woods, but don't forget the Hawaiian sun is never on vacation. Sunglasses and a protective sunscreen might come in handy!

5. Don't forget to pack your swimsuit and bring along a change of dry clothes

Maui waterfalls are.. wet. So bring along a change of dry clothes, especially if you plan on taking a swim. Don't forget to pack your swimsuit as well and have a fast-dry towel on hand as well.

6. Make sure you pack along your camera to document your trip

It would be a shame to visit one of Maui's waterfalls and not have a few pictures to remember it by! Bring along your camera as well and don't hesitate to immortalize your trip!

7. Pack everything in a waterproof bag

Avoid damaging the essentials you pack and use a waterproof backpack to prepare for the hike. You should especially make sure your phone, camera, ID and valuables always stay safe. 

8. Consider bringing along an insect repellent

If you're convinced the insects are out to get you, you better bring along a repellent as well. A small can of bug spray could come in handy. 

9. Always bring enough trash bags when hiking towards Maui waterfalls

Maui waterfalls are beautiful places to visit. And respecting nature is part of a waterfall hike adventure. Make sure you bring a few trash bags on your trip and leave nothing behind, except for your footprints. 


 4 Fun Activities to do While Exploring  Maui Hiking Trails


4 Fun Activities to do While Exploring Maui Hiking Trails

Maui hiking trails make for fun ways to explore the island. 

Planning a vacation on Maui usually implies surfing, snorkeling or simply enjoying a few days under the Hawaiian sun. But did you know you can plan to explore some of Maui's hiking trails and live an adventure you're not going to forget? 

The beach is a wonderful place to experience a rush of adrenaline! But Maui hiking trails make for amazing alternatives for nature lovers to have a great time. 

If you thought hiking trips on Maui would be boring, take a look at the tips below. Learn what fun activities you can enjoy while exploring Maui hiking trails and plan the perfect trip both you and your friends will definitely enjoy! 

Hiking Trails in Maui.png

1. Maui hiking trails make for great spots to take beautiful pictures and test your photography skills

Are you a fan of taking beautiful pictures while nature poses for your perfect shot? Luckily, Maui hiking trails and photography go hand in hand! 

Consult with an experienced hiking guide and see what's the best Maui hiking trail you can explore and take amazing pictures while you're at it. You can spend you day admiring nature and polishing your photography skills as you explore the island.

Make sure you pack enough supplies to last for your entire trip and leave some room in your backpack to carry along your reflex camera.

2. If your Maui hiking trail leads to a waterfall, swimming is a great way to cool down after a hike

Maui hiking trails often lead to a beautiful waterfall. If you book a waterfall tour with a guide, make sure to pack along your swimming gear!

Waterfalls make for amazing ways to cool down after a long walk on one of Maui's hiking trails. You can relax in nature's natural swimming pools, while admiring the beautiful surroundings!

Make sure swimming is allowed before you embark on your Maui adventure though. Consult with your guide before booking a tour and ask is swimming is something you can look forward to.

3. Stop for a picnic while exploring Maui hiking trails

What else can you do on a hiking trip, besides taking pictures or swim under a waterfall? 

Packing enough food and water to last for an entire hiking trip is always recommended. So why not make a pit stop somewhere along the way and enjoy a nice picnic before you go out and about exploring the rest of you Maui hiking trail? 

As long as you respect nature and don't leave anything behind, you can safely enjoy a meal with your friends as you sit back and admire the beautiful surroundings.

4. Relax and enjoy your Maui hiking adventure

If none of the activities above are something you might look forward to, don't worry. Most nature lovers are having a blast just sitting down and enjoying the quiet!

All Maui hiking trails are amazing places to explore on a beautiful day. And taking the time to sit back and relax makes for the perfect way to recharge while you're on vacation.


Waterfalls Near Me - Tips for an Amazing Hike


Waterfalls Near Me - Tips for an Amazing Hike

How many times have you told yourself "I'm going to visit those waterfalls near me"?

Not everyone is lucky enough to live in the proximity of a beautiful waterfall, on Maui. But easy access to a waterfall hike isn't the only thing you should think about when you plan a trip to the waterfalls near you. 

Are waterfalls near me safe for kids and adults of all ages?
Will I be able to take pictures of the waterfalls near me and the beautiful surroundings? 

Keep reading to find out the answers to these questions and more. Next time you plan a trip to visit a waterfall near you, you can be sure you'll be safe and prepared. 

Waterfall Near Me.png

How do I find waterfalls near me?

If you've lived close to a waterfall for most of your life, you probably know your way around the area. But how do you find a waterfall to explore as a tourist? 

Hiking books or a good search on a map can help a great deal. A quick search online can also reveal a lot of useful information about the area you plan to visit. 

But if you're really looking to have the best time on a waterfall hike, you could look for a local waterfall guide and ask for information. 

Do I need special equipment to visit waterfalls near me?

It's unlikely you'll be safe on a waterfall hike if you wear your flip flops and don't have a map for directions. 

Waterfalls near you might seem easy to explore, but it's always best to be safe than sorry. 

Make sure you have a waterproof backpack and pack along enough food and water. Staying hydrated is very important and food is essential if the hike takes too long. A change of clothes is always recommended and make sure you wear a pair of sturdy hiking boots. 

Best safety tips for going on a waterfall hike

Aside from packing along enough supplies to last for at least few hours, make sure you stay safe by following these few simple rules:

+Avoid climbing the waterfalls - Waterfalls are always slippery and it's best to avoid climbing them if you're not an experienced climber. 
+ Beware of slippery rocks - Hiking boots can protect you up to a certain extent. Pay extra attention when stepping on wet ground or rocks, to avoid any falls and possible injuries.
+ Be careful when swimming - Always ask your waterfall hike guide if swimming is safe. It may seem like the only danger is bathing in ice cold water, but wild currents are not that fun to deal with on a hike.

Can I take pictures when visiting waterfalls near me?

Yes! Taking pictures is not only allowed, but recommended. You don't have to be a professional photographer to take beautiful pictures of the surrounding areas.

Pack your reflex camera in your waterproof backpack and take along your tripod, for better looking pictures. 

Always make sure you're safe when taking your pictures and don't hesitate to create lifelong memories to remember your waterfall hike for years to come. 


Maui Hike Tips for Beginners


Maui Hike Tips for Beginners

Are you thinking about going on a Maui hike, but don't know exactly what to expect? 

Hiking on Maui makes for a great low impact activity. But hiking isn't the same as going for a walk. Therefore, certain tips and tricks can help you stay safe, while having a blast on the island!

If you book a hike in Maui with a guide, they'll tell you everything you need to know, for sure! But if you've never been on a Maui hike before, check out this list of tips for beginners. 

Here's what you should pack and what you should expect if you plan to spend a day going on hike in Maui. 

Hiking in Maui.png

1. Consult with your Maui hike guide and choose a trail that you can handle

Although hiking makes for a low impact workout, consult with your Maui hike guide before embarking on a trail that's much too steep for your fitness level.

Unlike walking on the beaches of Maui, hiking trails are typically elevated. Choose a short hike, if you're not used to intense activity. If everything goes according to plan, consult with your guide and go for a more adventurous hiking tour next time you'd like to go on a Maui hike. 

2. Check the weather before embarking on a Maui hike adventure

Make sure you check the weather before you embark on your Maui hike adventure!

Regardless of where you plan to hike with your guide, you'll typically spend a few hours on the road. Make sure the weather doesn't plan on playing a trick on you and ruin your fun day! 

3. Don't forget to pack the essentials before you go hiking on Maui

Since you'll be spending at least a few hours having fun on your Maui hike, it's important to pack a few essentials in your backpack:

  • Sunscreen and sunglasses - Don't underestimate the importance of sun protection while on a hike;
  • First-aid supplies - Just in case you stumble and fall or scratch yourself by accident, having a few first aid supplies should come in handy;
  • Energy bars and plenty of water - Staying hydrated is crucial while on a Maui hike and having some energy bars on hand should help keep your energy levels up where they belong.

Of course, consult with your Maui hiking guide on what they recommend as well.

4. Choose comfortable shoes and wear appropriate hiking clothes

Nothing can ruin your Maui hike like uncomfortable shoes or too many layers or clothes! 

Make sure you wear appropriate hiking shoes and avoid cotton clothes and socks. Go for synthetic layers and don't forget to pack a wind jacket, in case you're going to need it.

5. Take it slow, enjoy your Maui hike and respect the great outdoors

Saving your energy is important, while on a hike. Steep trails might seem like they're easy to conquer, but after a while of walking uphill, chances are you'll be too tired to enjoy your adventure.

Going on a Maui hike should be an amazing experience! So pace yourself, enjoy your day and always respect the natural outdoors. 


4 Fun Things To Do In Maui on Vacation


4 Fun Things To Do In Maui on Vacation

You book your plane tickets, pack your travel bags and are ready for your great vacation on an island! But what are the most fun things to do in Maui?

Naturally, you won't spend your vacation in Hawaii sitting alone in a boring hotel room. When visiting the most fun island in the Pacific, planning some interesting things to do in Maui is mandatory!

There are many things you can do in Maui on a budget, many activities you can plan with your kids and you can even go shopping in Maui or experience the nightlife on the island. 

But the most fun things to do in Maui on a sunny day? Surfing, kiteboarding, hiking and biking! 

Here are the top 4 adventurous things you can do in Maui and have a blast! Planning these activities throughout your vacation will turn your stay in Maui into a memorable adventure.


1. One of the most fun things to do in Maui: surf the waves of the Pacific ocean

Surfing in Maui is a great example of a fun activity you can plan while you're on vacation. Whether you have little surfing experience of have never even seen a surf board in your life, don't hesitate to book your own private surfing lessons on Maui.

You can learn how to surf regardless of your age or level of experience. And hitting the waves of the Pacific ocean is definitely a "must" if you'd like to experience something fun and authentic on your vacation on the island.

2. Kitesurfing can be a great way to experience an island adventure

Surfing is great, but kitesurfing is an even more adventurous way to get a taste of Maui!

If you've never gone kitesurfing before, this is you chance to learn. You can book your own private kitesurfing lessons with an experienced instructor and see how fun it is to trust the wind to take you away on an adventure in the water!

If you're looking for interesting things to do in Maui, kitesurfing is definitely something you should try!

3. Going on a bike tour is another good example of fun things to do in Maui

Have you ever imagined bike tours as part of your Maui adventure? Well, get ready to embark on a truly exciting journey! 

Maui is a great place to experience a perfect boost of adrenaline. And riding a bike on Maui, on the famous skyline trail on top of the Haleakala crater, is definitely a great activity to plan while you're on active vacation!

4. Spend a day going on a waterfall hike and have the time of your life

Adventures on Maui can be relaxing as well! Have you ever spent an afternoon under natural running water or swim in the pools of the island's rain forest? 

Private waterfall tours are a great example of fun things to do in Maui. Vacations make for the perfect time to refresh both your mind and your body. And chilling on Maui natural swimming pools can turn out to be a wonderful experience for you and your family and friends.


Tips and Tricks for Kitesurfing in Maui


Tips and Tricks for Kitesurfing in Maui

Is it easy to learn kitesurfing in Maui? 

If you're on vacation and are looking for an island adventure, book your very own private kitesurfing lessons and see how much fun it can be to make friends with the ocean!

Just like surfing on Maui can be very exciting, kitesurfing can only add more excitement to the whole experience. 

If you're eager to get learn more about kiteboarding in Maui, take a look at the tips & tricks below. Remember these few basics when you're first starting out and you'll have an easier time learning how to kite surf.

Maui Kitesurfing.png

1. Become familiar with the basics of kitesurfing in Maui

In order to understand what kitesurfing on Maui implies, you first need to become familiar with the basic terminology. 

You probably know what a kite is and how it can pull you and your board across the water. But do you know you control your kite using a harness and a power bar? 

Learning the right terminology can help you better understand how to kitesurf and will ensure a great communication between you and your instructor. Once you hit the waves together in your first attempt to kitesurf in Maui, you'll have an easier time understanding what to do next.

2. Choose the best board that fits your kitesurfing needs

Not all kitesurfing boards are created equal. In order for you to have the best experience kitesurfing in Maui, you need to make sure you pick the right board that "fits".

Depending on your weight and size, you should learn how to choose the right kiteboard equipment. However, if you're unfamiliar with the board's shapes and sizes, don't hesitate to ask your instructor for help.

3. Don't underestimate the importance of learning how to control a kite on the beach on Maui 

Controlling a kite isn't as easy as it seems. So don't underestimate the importance of practicing the skill on the beach first.

In order to kick off your kiting journey with the right foot forward, you need to learn how to control the power and position of your kite. Once your instructor believes you're ready, it's time to hit the waters and begin the real kitesurfing in Maui experience!

4. Always listen to your Maui kitesurf instructor and practice on land before you hit the waves

In order for you to have the best experience, you need to make sure you always pay attention to your coach. 

A skilled kiteboarding instructor will teach you the correct way to strap on your kite gear and will explain what's going on every step of the way. From tips on how to get comfortable with your gear in the water, to why you should keep your knees close to your chest, your instructor should provide all the necessary information in order for you to have the best time of your life on Maui!

5. Get the most out of the experience and have fun kitesurfing on Maui

Are you ready to have some fun riding the waves? Kitesurfing lessons will not disappoint! 

Once you learn how to control your kite and hold on to your board, you'll be kitesurfing on Maui in no time!


5 Good Reasons To Take Surf Lessons on Maui


5 Good Reasons To Take Surf Lessons on Maui

Have you ever thought about taking surf lessons on Maui

Surfing is just as fun as it looks! But riding the waves on your own, for the first time, can be frustrating. Without someone by your side who can offer you some tips, it's easy to give up on a sport that's nothing but fun!

If you're unsure whether of not you should take a few surf lessons in Maui, keep reading. Although you don't need experience to grab a surf board and go hit the waves, taking a few private surf lessons first can be a great way to learn something new and have lots of fun on your vacation in Hawaii!

Surf Lessons Maui.png

1. Anyone can take surf lessons in Maui

Young teenagers and adults of ages are all welcomed to try out surfing on Maui! Although many believe that age can get in the way of trying something new, the affirmation couldn't be further from the truth. 

There's no age limit when it comes to learning how to surf. As long as you feel physically fit to take a ride on the island's waves, you're welcome to book a private Maui surf lesson

2. The waves on the island are perfect for beginner surfers

It's a well known fact that the island of Hawaii is one of the best places to learn how to surf. 

The waves roll slowly and aren't aggressive. As opposed to other locations where learning how to surf can be a tricky challenge, surfing in Maui can turn out to be an amazing experience for beginner surfers! The warm waters and easy waves make the perfect combination for anyone looking to surf for the first time ever.

3. Maui surf lessons make for a great way to exercise while on vacation 

If you're worried about your exercise routine on vacation, know that surf lessons on Maui make for a great way to keep active! 

Adrenaline and water sports fans can have the time of their lives! Riding the waves makes for a great and fun workout. Next time you plan a vacation on the island, consider taking a few surf lessons in Maui!

4. Surfing lessons in Maui teach you more than just how to ride a couple waves

Aside from being an awesome way to stay active on vacation, surf lessons in Maui can teach you more than just how to ride the waves.

Enhancing strength and balance are definitely part of the surf lesson package. But spending time with your board on the water will teach you how to become friends with the ocean and become more patient, as you wait for your waves. 

5. 5th. reason to take surf lessons on Maui: it's fun!

As long as you're on vacation on the island, you might as well have some amazing fun!

Private surf lessons on Maui make for the perfect way to enjoy an active holiday! Water sport lovers and adrenaline junkies now have the perfect reason to learn how to surf. 

Once you leave your worries at the ocean shore, you can start having fun while learning how to surf on Maui.


Wave riding tip for smacking da lip!


Wave riding tip for smacking da lip!

When kiting in the waves I recommend coming off the wave and get out in front to give yourself enough room to swing the kite back through the wind window. Turn the board as far as you can to get a direct hit on the wave. On your way back to the wave you'll want to initiate the kite to turn back through the window and start to initiate your rail transfer. At this point your back foot should be all the way back as far as it can go on the tail. Lean back on the tail, whip that kite, and time the lip so your tail nails the lip right when it's starting to break or about to break is ideal. In this video I'm riding as a regular foot with the wind and wave direction on a right to left direction. Lean your heal hard on the rail for most effective slap to the lip! Sometimes if your carrying a ton of speed and you know the impact will be hard then absorb the hit by pulling the knees up towards the body. Either way after you hit it feel free to look back and admire the buckets you just threw in the air! Smile your ass off and repeat! Other tips are switching the hands after the turn. Ex; when making the turn back towards the beach, to fully finish the turn, take the left hand off the bar and place the right hand on there and it will give you more turn radius plus more torque and whip throughout the turn. 



Wave riding tip

Wave riding tip

Just follow the kite! Move the kite through the power window but don't bring it up too high  (above your head). Turn the bar over and pull hard which flips the kite over and goes through the power zone. Follow the kite so the power doesn't pull you too hard. It's like doing a toe side jibe followed immediately by a heel side jib and that is mostly what you need to know to ride waves the rest is timing!