Maui Surf Forecast - Tips for Beginner Surfers

Knowing how to read a Maui surf forecast always comes in handy. Both beginners, as well as experienced surfers can greatly benefit from knowing how to find the right wave to ride!

Learning about how to predict the ideal wave to tackle can set you up for a wonderful surfing adventure!

Reading a Maui surf forecast might not be a problem for surfers with experience. But beginners, who've never surfed before, could find the wave weather forecast difficult to understand. 

If you're looking to get acquainted with your surf board and hit your very first waves, you should learn the basics of predicting the Maui surf forecast. Keep reading to learn the ABC's of surfing and find out what type of wave is suitable for you to learn, as a beginner surfer.

Maui surf forecast basics: learn how to describe a wave

Waves come in different sizes - Waves can either be "tall", or waves can be "small". Or waves can be the size of anything in between. When you're reading a Maui surf forecast, you should learn how to measure a wave in 'feet' and understand how to appreciate the distance between the trough (the low point of a wave) and the peak (the "lip"). 

Learn to appreciate the shape of a wave - The shape of a wave is also important. You can either have a hollow, tube shaped wave, which is the one that experienced surfers love! Or you can have a soft, spilling wave, which is ideal for anyone just learning how to surf

Basics of surface conditions - Your surface conditions can either be smooth or not. Ideally for all surfers, clean waves are the perfect ones to ride! But a Maui surf forecast can be unpredictable, so you may experience a bumpy wave ride every once in a while. 

Waves are also characterized by power - Yes, all ocean waves have power. If the Maui surf forecast for the day involves gentle breaking waves, then you should grab your board and start learning how to surf! However, if weather conditions predict heavy waves, beginners might have a difficult time holding on when they break near the shore. 

Every wave travels at a different speed and direction - Waves can either break left or right and the direction of a wave is predicted beforehand by the Maui surf forecast. Just like the speed. The time it takes for a wave to break, from the moment it starts to swell determines its speed. The longer you ride an unbroken wave, the more fun you'll have learning how to surf on Maui!

What's a suitable wave for beginner surfers on Maui

The ideal Maui surf forecast for beginners should predict a wave that's tall enough for a "newbie" to handle, breaks gently as you get close to the shore, spills softly as you maintain your balance and is clean enough to offer a great first experience for surfers. 

As you can probably imagine though, finding the perfect wave for a beginner is close to impossible. Weather variables can change very quickly, but having an experienced surfing instructor by your side should help you learn how to dominate the waves, even as a beginner surfer.

Brett Sheerin