Private Chef, Massage and more - Maui's best

All services are personally recommended. From a private chef to a massage therapist, I can connect you to the island's best!

Private Chefs: Hosting a party or just need a private chef to come prepare meals while you enjoy your vacation time, instead of doing the shopping and cooking or dealing with going out to restaurants? I can recommend a private chef to come prepare whatever meals to your liking. Spend more time enjoying your vacation and less time prepping meals!

Massage therapist/Aesthetician: My personal choice for massage therapists are all highly experienced with over 20 years of massage experience! From deep tissue to a traditional Hawaiian massage (Lomi Lomi) you can have one of the amazing therapists come to you or visit one of their convenient locations. Pamper yourself with a facial to care for your skin after getting some Maui sun! Products are also available for purchase easing sun burns or sun damage!

Helicopter tours: Experience the thrill of a helicopter ride and see Maui from above! From doors off and private tours to the standard fun tour. I can recommend the right tour and certain pilots to give you the best experience. The Hawaiian islands have some of the tallest sea cliffs in the world! During Winter you can view the whales from above or drop into areas to view waterfalls that no human can access by foot!

Dining: Don’t get caught up in the over priced tourist traps with over priced food! I’ll share with you my favorite personal choices from casual to fine dining. These little bits of info will give you the next level vacation/holiday experience! Local knowledge goes along way!

Tips for other activities: When choosing any other activity; kayaking, zipline, or off road four wheel adventure there are certain companies that stand out from the rest.

Hikes: there are many waterfalls and hikes that do not require a guide! Safety can be a real issue here on Maui as flash flooding is a real danger! Know where to go and when! I can steer you in the right direction at the right time to keep you safe and efficient with your time and efforts.

Skin care: Hawaii is close to the equator making the sun more intense than most places on earth! Sunscreen is a must! Face sunscreen should be zinc based. This is also reef safe. Many sunscreens are bad for the reefs causing damage to the fragile eco system. Wearing a rash guard or water shirt is recommended as the safest and most convenient form of sun protection. Getting a nice tan is at the top of certain peoples list therefore I recommend a reef safe sunscreen of 30spf or below. Anything higher is just marketing ploys. Late afternoon sun can still give a good burn especially when visiting the west sides of the island as the sun is setting in the West it can still be intense!

I love sharing those little things I enjoy so much. Places to enjoy the sunset, beach walks, turtle watch, or a place to workout and do yoga! Ask about anything you need to make your vacation a dream vacation!

Brett Sheerin