Wave riding tip for smacking da lip!

When kiting in the waves I recommend coming off the wave and get out in front to give yourself enough room to swing the kite back through the wind window. Turn the board as far as you can to get a direct hit on the wave. On your way back to the wave you'll want to initiate the kite to turn back through the window and start to initiate your rail transfer. At this point your back foot should be all the way back as far as it can go on the tail. Lean back on the tail, whip that kite, and time the lip so your tail nails the lip right when it's starting to break or about to break is ideal. In this video I'm riding as a regular foot with the wind and wave direction on a right to left direction. Lean your heal hard on the rail for most effective slap to the lip! Sometimes if your carrying a ton of speed and you know the impact will be hard then absorb the hit by pulling the knees up towards the body. Either way after you hit it feel free to look back and admire the buckets you just threw in the air! Smile your ass off and repeat! Other tips are switching the hands after the turn. Ex; when making the turn back towards the beach, to fully finish the turn, take the left hand off the bar and place the right hand on there and it will give you more turn radius plus more torque and whip throughout the turn. 


Brett Sheerin