Frequently Asked Questions


Surfing during the Summer (May-September) we have really fun surf for for all types! For Intermediate and beginners will love the West Side for surfing because the waves are long and more gentle however they provide plenty of excitement with amazing backdrops and scenery! Kids are out of school so lots of family fun in the surf all Summer long! Surfing lessons are a favorite activity during Summer months! 

Surfing in winter: The waves are the biggest from November until April. Beginners and intermediates can still find really fun surf but the experts love the Winter surf! Winter weather we get more rain but temps don’t vary too much. A full suit is never required and a bikini can be worn year round! Even if you don’t surf you’ll watching the world biggest waves breaking just off shore or maybe you’ll get to see the world famous “Jaws” where surfers ride the biggest waves in the world! Oh did I mention the whales are here during this time! 


You can check out the current forecasts here.

Do you teach beginners?

Yes! The vast majority of people that come have never surfed or barely surfed before!

Do you teach experts?

Yes. For intermediate and experts ask about the surf safari for half and full day tours of the surf spots depending on conditions to match the abilities and desires of the surfers.

Are there sharks?

The ocean is where the live, however, I've never had an issue with a shark. I'm more concerned with humans!

What do we bring with us?

Just a bathing suit. If you you have your own watershirt/rashguard then feel free to bring but we have you covered. Apply reef safe sunscreen. Ladies may want to wear some kind of leggings but not mandatory.

Is it the bottom sandy or all reef?

The vast majority in Hawaii is reef. Before heading out we will teach you how to fall and not hit the reef. We also ask that you don't put your feet down at all and stand on the reef because this damages the reef.

What are the chances I will stand on a wave?

We get most students up on their first real wave!

What is the minimum age to surf?

We take kids as young as 5.

Do you provide life jackets?

We can make an exception and provide a float vest however anyone surfing should at least know how to tread water.

Is it cold in the Winter?

The temperatures in Hawaii don't change too much. The water temp remains mid 70's (F). The wind temperatures vary but still average 80F. It is basically warm year around. That is why they call it paradise!

We hear maui true north is the best place to learn surfing, why?

We offer a two hour class of private and personalized instruction. The other schools either offer 1.5 hour class or they offer a two hour class but have you sitting on the beach for at least a half hour to 45 minutes. We get you out in the water fast and efficient! More action, less talking! You'll have more water time and catch more waves with us than any other school on Maui!


You can either order using our form, or ask us about it at your lesson! If you’d like to try it on, Adventure Sports Maui sells a selection of our Merchandise. Mention Maui True North for a discount!