5 Good Habits of Maui Wave Riders

Are you curious about what Maui wave riders do to keep active? 

Surfing is the most fun you can have in Maui! The Pacific island is the perfect spot for you to hit the waves and have a ton of fun! But have you ever wondered how Maui wave riders can handle the effort? 

Experienced surfers have a knack for riding big waves. But they also have a series of healthy habits they need to maintain.

Surfing may look easy and fun from the shore. However, anyone who's had a surf lesson or two can definitely understand what it takes to become a good wave rider on Maui.

If you're curious about what good, healthy habits Maui wave riders must maintain, take a quick look at the list below.

1. Maui wave riders get plenty of sleep

The media often portrays surfers as the "work hard party harder" type of people. While saying that's not true, is totally unfair, you should also know that the best of the best Maui wave riders... sleep a lot!

Resting is an important habit for anyone who embraces effort throughout the day. It's important to get a good night sleep and plenty of rest in order to take care of your body and be able to handle a new surfing challenge every single day.

2. Diet is not part of a surfer's vocabulary on Maui

Everyone knows surfers are ripped and have the body of an athlete! But that doesn't happen with a very strict diet. 

Maui wave riders have the privilege to eat pretty much whatever they want, as long as it's healthy. Surfers need plenty of energy to be able to tackle those big waves. And a balanced diet, with plenty carbs, protein and healthy fats, is what keeps them in shape and ready to ride the waves.

3. Maui wave riders train a lot on dry land

Speaking of staying in shape, Maui wave riders need to train on dry land as well. How else will be able to stay on top on their boards? 

Surfing equals flexibility and strength. And you also need a lot of endurance training in order to keep up with the waves! So if you were curious to know how surfers manage to keep their balance for hours on their board, you now know that training on land is part of their routine.

4. Stepping out of your comfort zone is what makes you a good surfer

The best Maui wave riders are never afraid to try something new. Even if this means stepping out of their comfort zone!

What's the best way grow and become a better surfer? By stepping away from your safe level of comfort and learning how to tackle bigger and more challenging waves!

5. Maui wave riders are constantly learning how to improve their skills

Allowing yourself to try different things is a well known way to learn how to improve a skill. And even after years of experience, the best Maui wave riders never stop learning.

Brett Sheerin