Kite Beach on Maui - The Do's and Don'ts

When you're ready to try out kitesurfing for the first time, you'll probably search for the best kite beach on Maui. But finding a great spot to fly your kite to new heights is just the first step into few hours of fun!

Before you're ready to launch and catch the waves of the Pacific ocean, you'll need to learn how to properly fly your kite and hold it aloft.

Once you find a nice kite beach on Maui, with plenty space for you and your buddies, don't forget about these few additional kitesurfing tips that might come in handy. 

1. Find a kite beach on Maui and practice recreational flying on dry land first

There's nothing more exciting than kitesurfing "for real". But before you venture out into the ocean, you'll have to be patient and practice flying your kite on dry land at first. 

Learning how to fly a kite and keep it aloft is not a skill you can learn at the snap of a finger. But with enough patience and perseverance, you eventually learn how to control your kite and you'l be ready to hit the waves in no time!

2. Don't venture out on a kite beach on Maui all by yourself

Whether you're a beginner surfer or an experienced kitesurfing fanatic, it's always best to ride the waves with your buddies by your side. 

Safety is the number one reason why you should avoid venturing out by yourself. But you'd also need someone to rely on in case you need some help with launching and landing your kite. When you have a good "buddy system" in place, kitesurfing on Maui will be even more fun!

3. Stay close to the shore where fellow kitesurfers can easily see you

Avoid to kitesurf too far away from the shore. Although staying too close to the kite beach on Maui isn't recommended either, it's best not to venture out too far into the deep blue ocean.

Make sure you keep a safe distance from the shore, but aim to stay close enough so you can safely return in case of a mishap.

4. Avoid visiting your favorite kite beach on Maui in bad weather conditions

Windy days are perfect for surfers to try and fly their kites! But too much wind can actually make things worse. 

If you're not sure the weather conditions are favorable enough for you to try out kitesurfing, you'll be better off spending your day doing a different activity. Biking or exploring some of Maui's hiking trails, for instance, make for fun and interesting alternatives! 

5. Always put your safety and the one of your buddies' first

The chances of your kite getting tangled in power lines on a kite beach on Maui are slim. But do you know how to react in case you collide with a fellow surfer's kite? 

It's important to carefully go over the safety rules with your instructor. Make sure you take note on how to stay safe and remember - when two kites get tangled in the water, just let go of your bar and release your gear safety. 

Brett Sheerin