Maui Waterfalls - 9 Essential Items To Bring on Your Trip

Planning to visit one or more Maui waterfalls

There's nothing more relaxing than bathing in Maui's natural swimming pools after a fun and exciting hike!

But how do you prepare for a waterfall hike? What should you bring along on your few hour trip, even if you have an experienced guide to take care of the essentials?

Exploring Maui waterfalls while you're on vacation can turn into a wonderful adventure. So make sure you bring along these few important items in order to enjoy a safe trip and create a fun memory!

1. A pair of sturdy hiking boots are essential when visiting Maui waterfalls

Wearing comfortable clothes on hike is a must. But it's also very important to mention that flip-flops or sandals are not the appropriate footwear to choose! Make sure you have a pair of quality hiking boots with good ankle support and a sturdy sole. 

2. Bring plenty of water and food on your Maui waterfall hike

There's no need to hike for days to reach the Maui waterfalls, but it's essential to bring enough food and water to replenish your energy every once in a while.

3. A first aid kit might come in handy if case something happens on your way to one of Maui's waterfalls

Insect bites, ankle twists or scratching yourself with a branch are just a few examples of what might happen along the way. Have a small first aid kit on you at all times, in case you might need it on your hiking adventure. 

4. Sunscreen and sunglasses on a Maui waterfall hike are a must

You might be going on a hike through the woods, but don't forget the Hawaiian sun is never on vacation. Sunglasses and a protective sunscreen might come in handy!

5. Don't forget to pack your swimsuit and bring along a change of dry clothes

Maui waterfalls are.. wet. So bring along a change of dry clothes, especially if you plan on taking a swim. Don't forget to pack your swimsuit as well and have a fast-dry towel on hand as well.

6. Make sure you pack along your camera to document your trip

It would be a shame to visit one of Maui's waterfalls and not have a few pictures to remember it by! Bring along your camera as well and don't hesitate to immortalize your trip!

7. Pack everything in a waterproof bag

Avoid damaging the essentials you pack and use a waterproof backpack to prepare for the hike. You should especially make sure your phone, camera, ID and valuables always stay safe. 

8. Consider bringing along an insect repellent

If you're convinced the insects are out to get you, you better bring along a repellent as well. A small can of bug spray could come in handy. 

9. Always bring enough trash bags when hiking towards Maui waterfalls

Maui waterfalls are beautiful places to visit. And respecting nature is part of a waterfall hike adventure. Make sure you bring a few trash bags on your trip and leave nothing behind, except for your footprints. 

Brett Sheerin