Meet new Surf Instructor John Wheeler

Born and raised on the beaches of New Jersey. John was in the ocean since he can remember. Body surfing, body-boarding, and surfing. Anything that kept him in the water, John would do it. He grew up and focused more on surfing. His next goal was to try and figure out how to ditch his 5 mm wetsuit and the frigid water temperatures of New Jersey.


He did it by teaching other people how to surf, and he’s been doing it for over 12 years now! This allowed him to travel and surf all over the globe. Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Florida, Ireland, California, and here in Hawai’i.


When he’s not teaching chances are he’s surfing one of Maui’s world class breaks, hunting, spearfishing, or golfing. As long as it’s outdoors John is in his happy place. This is why he was right at home teaching for Maui True North, and helping share his stoke for the ocean with all out clients.   

Brett Sheerin