Waterfalls Near Me - Tips for an Amazing Hike

How many times have you told yourself "I'm going to visit those waterfalls near me"?

Not everyone is lucky enough to live in the proximity of a beautiful waterfall, on Maui. But easy access to a waterfall hike isn't the only thing you should think about when you plan a trip to the waterfalls near you. 

Are waterfalls near me safe for kids and adults of all ages?
Will I be able to take pictures of the waterfalls near me and the beautiful surroundings? 

Keep reading to find out the answers to these questions and more. Next time you plan a trip to visit a waterfall near you, you can be sure you'll be safe and prepared. 

How do I find waterfalls near me?

If you've lived close to a waterfall for most of your life, you probably know your way around the area. But how do you find a waterfall to explore as a tourist? 

Hiking books or a good search on a map can help a great deal. A quick search online can also reveal a lot of useful information about the area you plan to visit. 

But if you're really looking to have the best time on a waterfall hike, you could look for a local waterfall guide and ask for information. 

Do I need special equipment to visit waterfalls near me?

It's unlikely you'll be safe on a waterfall hike if you wear your flip flops and don't have a map for directions. 

Waterfalls near you might seem easy to explore, but it's always best to be safe than sorry. 

Make sure you have a waterproof backpack and pack along enough food and water. Staying hydrated is very important and food is essential if the hike takes too long. A change of clothes is always recommended and make sure you wear a pair of sturdy hiking boots. 

Best safety tips for going on a waterfall hike

Aside from packing along enough supplies to last for at least few hours, make sure you stay safe by following these few simple rules:

+Avoid climbing the waterfalls - Waterfalls are always slippery and it's best to avoid climbing them if you're not an experienced climber. 
+ Beware of slippery rocks - Hiking boots can protect you up to a certain extent. Pay extra attention when stepping on wet ground or rocks, to avoid any falls and possible injuries.
+ Be careful when swimming - Always ask your waterfall hike guide if swimming is safe. It may seem like the only danger is bathing in ice cold water, but wild currents are not that fun to deal with on a hike.

Can I take pictures when visiting waterfalls near me?

Yes! Taking pictures is not only allowed, but recommended. You don't have to be a professional photographer to take beautiful pictures of the surrounding areas.

Pack your reflex camera in your waterproof backpack and take along your tripod, for better looking pictures. 

Always make sure you're safe when taking your pictures and don't hesitate to create lifelong memories to remember your waterfall hike for years to come. 

Brett Sheerin